the contents of the meetings can be highly targeted and enriched by video contributions, 3D animation, multimedia and dynamic. The interactive potential (flow chart dynamic interactions, simulations, etc.) is an additional element of participation and impact.
It brings together all the useful tools for the sales force: Presentations; sheet management; Book; Agenda, street view (Google Map);
iValorize be held simultaneously at the side of the seller and the office making it readily available data and documents in and out.
Created by IIS Consulting, Italian player specialized in IT solutions, the capabilities of iValorize® can be managed so as to meet specific needs of the company. the interface and in use. Our app is available on AppStore and is accessed only if you have the appropriate credentials. Informed by an alert, the user manage their own updates presentations, contacts and calendar via the "SYNC". The procedure is carried out independently from the AppStore, and the user just need an wifi or 3g connection.

iValorize® is the innovative solution for closed loop marketing that provides support materials and the latest digital customer data in real time.

Native for iPad, the Apple tablet with great potential, iValorize is an instrument of innovative work:


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